Some Other Things to Consider

  • If you're under 18, you will also need to apply for an alternative post-16 option as a back-up, until you secure an apprenticeship. 
  • Do not use an inappropriate email address, the best practice is to use: If you require a number in your email, use your year of birth or current age. 
  • Ensure your voicemail message is appropriate, as potential employers will phone you and may judge you based on this as a first impression. 
  • Do not use your school email address, as schools may remove your account when you leave.
  • If you have no previous employment/work experience history, your school is likely to be used as a reference by the employer. Therefore, consider your attendance and behaviour at school. 
  • Ensure that your application, covering letter and CV has been proofread by multiple people, to maximise your chances of being shortlisted.