Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care

Apprenticeship Standards

Find a full list of apprenticeship standards within this sector here.

Here are some examples of the apprenticeship standards available in this sector:

  • Farrier (Level 3)
  • Veterinary Nurse (Level 3)
  • Equine Groom (Level 2)
  • Horticulture or Landscape Operative (Level 2)
  • Environmental Practitioner (Level 6)
  • Ecologist (Level 7)

Apprenticeship Employers and Training Providers

Here are some examples of employers and training providers offering opportunities within this sector: 


  • For animal care roles, you can also try contacting local animal shelters and farms to see if they have these kinds of opportunities. 
  • For horticulture and landscaping it is also worth checking out local councils' website as they may offer these roles.