Business and Administration

Apprenticeship Standards

Find a full list of apprenticeship standards within this sector here.

Here are some examples of the apprenticeship standards available in this sector:

  • Business Administrator (Level 3)
  • Project Manager (Level 6)
  • School Business Professional (Level 4)
  • Chartered Manager (Level 6)
  • Team Leader or Supervisor (Level 3)
  • Career Development Professional (Level 6)

Apprenticeship Employers and Training Providers

Here are some examples of employers and training providers offering opportunities within this sector: 


  • Remember, business and administration is something that is applicable to most organisations, so you can look at a range of employers for these kinds of opportunities. 
  • These kinds of roles are not always office based like most people assume. 
  • Try checking out your local schools to see if they are recruiting for these kind of apprenticeships.