Processing Applications on KentChoices

We have created a number of short webinars that show you how to set up KentChoices so it meets your school's requirements and manage each stage of the application process. They are available on KELSI and include: 

  • How to upload courses and set the parameters of KentChoices. 
  • How to use the adviser function on KentChoices that identifies young people who needs support. 
  • How to prepare for and process applications on KentChoices. 
  • Resetting learner log in details. 
  • Self-registering an account.
  • Creating a new course.
  • Turning applications on and off.
  • Adding alternative applications.
  • Acknowledging applications. 
  • Withdrawal requests. 
  • Add or edit course choices to applications. 

Alternatively, you could download the Provider Applications Guide produced by First Media.