Checking Application Status and Accepting Offers

Once you've made and sent your application(s), providers will review these and get in touch with you. You may be given offers of a place. Usually these will be conditional, for example, meeting their entry requirements. The steps below should help in responding to your offers. 

  1. In My Applications, you will see your application(s) and their status. If you've been given any offers of a place, you can view them here. 

    To view your application and download a copy, click the PDF button.

    Screenshot: My Applications (offers)
  2. To respond to and view details of your offer(s), click Your Offer button. This is where you can accept your offer. 

    You can accept as many offers as you like. You don't need to decide which provider or course you want to go to until nearer the time (providing you've met the relevant entry requirements).

    Screenshot: Offer Dialog Box

Once you've received and accepted offers, you can preference them