Getting Started

This website includes an online prospectus and application system for young people to apply to Kent sixth form and FE colleges. 

Anyone can browse the prospectus, but to make an application you will need your log in details. 

Log in Details 

If you're educated in Year 11 at a school or pupil referral unit in Kent, you will get your log in details from your school or pupil referral unit. This will give you access to the account that has been set up for you. If for any reason they don't, ask them to contact the KentChoices Team or you could contact them yourself.  

If you're currently in Year 11, at an independent school, a school outside Kent or educated at home and want to use the site to make applications you will need to self-register.

Introduction to KentChoices

Our Engagement Officer, Tammy Whiteman has produced a short vlog introducing KentChoices with key information, tips and tricks - check it out below.