Self-Registering for a KentChoices Account

If you would like to apply for courses in the Kent area, and you are currently attending an independent school, a school outside Kent or currently being educated at home, you will need to self-register for an account. To self-register, please follow the following steps:

  1. On the log in screen, click on Register New User button on the right hand side.

    Login Page screenshot

  2. You will be taken to the Register new account section of the website. When choosing your current school or provider, please select the most appropriate option. For those educated at home, choose the Educated at Home option in the drop down. For those educated outside of Kent or at an independent school, choose the Out of Area or Not Listed option in the drop down. If your current school or provider is listed, please do not self-register, speak to your current school or book a telephone appointment with one of our team to retrieve your account details. 

    Choose your current school or provider screenshot

  3. Once you have selected the appropriate option (either Educated at Home or Out of Area or Not Listed. You will be able to click the Create a new account button. 

    Create a new account screenshot

  4. You will be asked to enter your information,once you've entered all this information, click the Create my account button. Please note: you can proceed if you do not know your Unique Learner Number

    Create a new account screenshot

  5. Once you have created you account, the successful account creation screen below should appear, showing your email address you registered. You will get an instant email from If you do not receive this email, check your junk/spam folder. Otherwise, click on the Resend Verification button on the right hand side of the successful account creation screen.

    Successful account creation screenshot

  6. From your email, click the Verify Account button within 24 hours to activate your account. 

    Verification Email screenshot

  7. By clicking the Verify Account button on your email, this will open your web browser and take you to the successful account verification screen. Where you will be able to log in to the system. 

    Account Verification Successful screenshot