Writing Your Personal Statement

This section provides you with tips and guidance below on how to write your personal statement.

Personal Statement Screenshot

What is a personal statement? 

A personal statement is a piece of writing that supports an application. You will probably be asked to complete one of these in any applications you do in the future.

It's a chance for you to explain why you'd like to study a particular course or subject, and what skills and experience you have that show your passion or interest.

It gives you an opportunity to sell yourself and showcase why you are the right fit for a course or vacancy. A good personal statement can increase your chances of success.

What should you include?

What you are currently doing. Talk about the subjects you are studying, which ones are your favourites and why. 

What are you interested in doing and why. Talk about what why you are applying. For example, this could be because the opportunity leads to your future ambitions or aspirations. 

What skills and experience you have/you would like to gain that relate to the course(s) you are applying for


  • Write your personal statement on a word document. 
  • Get someone to proofread it, checking for spelling, grammar and structure. 
  • Once you have your final draft, copy and paste into the application itself. 
  • Your personal statement is an opportunity to sell yourself - be proud of things you have done and showcase them.
  • The personal statement requires a minimum of 40 characters and has a maximum of 4,000 characters.