Our Top Tips

Below are things to consider when applying for options after Year 11:

  • Apply for more than one course or option - always have a backup plan.
  • Consider the entry requirements; aspire to higher level courses, but have another plan in case you don’t get the grades you expect.
  • If an apprenticeship is your chosen pathway, have a backup plan because it is not always possible to get one.
  • Don’t wait until you receive your exam results to apply – apply early in Year 11, using your predicted grades (your school will be able to give you these).
  • Keep a log of your applications and respond quickly if you get asked for more information.
  • Make sure your email address is appropriate, best practice is to use firstname.lastname@email.com. If you need a number in your email, use your year of birth or age.
  • Ensure your voicemail is appropriate, potential employers and educational placements may phone you.
  • If you have no previous employment/work experience, your school is likely to be used as a reference. Therefore, consider your attendance and behaviour at school.
  • Proofread applications before you send them, so there are no mistakes and you haven’t missed anything.