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A Level Chemistry

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Chemistry is a challenging yet worthwhile subject to study.  It is an experimental science that combines academic study with the acquisition of practical and investigative skills. The ideas introduced in this subject are taught within a spiral curriculum.  A broad range of topics are encountered, and they mostly start from a real-life perspective.  


Development of practical skills:

The course offers many opportunities for practical work


Chemical content and practical work reinforced by learning in context     

Chemical literacy

:Opportunities to practice and demonstrate skills in data extraction, manipulation and writing in technical terms


How will it be delivered?




Percentage of A Level

Fundamentals of chemistry (01):

110 marks

2 hours and 15 minutes (written paper)

41% of A Level.

Scientific literacy in chemistry:

100 marks

2 hours and 15 minutes (written paper)

37% of A level.

Practical skills in chemistry:

60 marks

1 hour and 30 minutes (written paper)

22% of A Level

Practical endorsement in chemistry:

Reported separately


Entry requirements

Sixth Form entry requirements, including Chemistry at grade 6 (or Combined Science at grade 7) and Mathematics at grade 6.

Your next steps...

Apart from being a subject worthy of study in its own right, chemistry is a pre-requisite for many courses in higher education, such as medicine, pharmacy, geology, and any of the biological and environmental sciences. It is good preparation for careers in forensics, the food industry and even law. Employers value students who have studied chemistry for they will be numerate, have analytical skills and experience of team work, and will have risen to the challenge of a demanding subject.


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