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A Level Mathematics

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
We are only accepting one application per candidate.

What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Mathematics is a highly valued and fascinating subject in its own right and as the language of Science, Engineering, Technology and Business. At A Level you will have the opportunity to study not only the Mathematics that has been in existence for thousands of years but also modern techniques used in logistics and optimization.

Mathematics has close links with the Sciences and Technology and applications in Social Sciences and Psychology. If combined with Humanities and Languages it will provide a balance of qualifications that is valued by universities and employers alike.



In the 2 year course students will prepare for 3 externally examined papers.

Paper 1 Pure Mathematics 1: Proof, algebra and functions, coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane, sequences and series, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, integration and vectors.

Paper 2 Pure Mathematics 2: Proof, algebra and functions, coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane, sequences and series, trigonometry, differentiation, integration and numerical methods.

Paper 3 Statistics and Mechanics

Section A: Statistical sampling, data presentation and interpretation, probability, statistical distributions and statistical hypothesis testing.

Section B: Quantities and units in mechanics, kinematics, forces and Newton’s Laws and moments.

How will it be delivered?

All papers carry equal weighting and are assessed by a 2 hour written examination.

Entry requirements

Sixth Form entry requirements, including GCSE Mathematics at grade 7.

Your next steps...

Career opportunities exist in Engineering; Medicine; the IT and Financial sectors as Accountants, Fund Managers, Actuaries, Investment Analysts and Traders; Statistical Analysts in Government departments and the Pharmaceutical industries; Teaching; Research and Development.


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