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Latin GCSE Level 1/2

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCSE or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


GCSE Latin is a two-year course, examined at the end of the second year (normally Year 11). The Examining Board is OCR.Students will study the language, civilisation and literature of the Roman world.They will be expected to translate and comment on the style and language of (slightly adapted) authentic Latin prose and verse. They will study background material based on the topic “Daily Life in Roman Society”. At OPGS, Latin GCSE is offered at the end of a one-year introductory course. A very high level of commitment is required, as we want the students to succeed at GCSE after only three years of study.

Entry requirements

A good understanding of grammatical structures based on study of a Romance language plus English and/or German. A commitment to learning and an interest in the language and culture of the Roman civilisation.

Your next steps...

You could take this course to prepare for advanced level courses such as an A/AS Level in Latin or Classical Civilisation or you may need to strengthen your grades by completing a foundation or intermediate vocational qualification.With further training, you could go into a job related to Latin by working in areas of education and research. You could also consider a job related to modern languages as the course will develop your understanding of different languages and cultures.You could also go straight into employment and do further training or part time study with the support of your employer.


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