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A Level Classical Greek

Languages, Literature and Culture

Languages, Literature and Culture
Languages, Literature and Culture
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


At Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School we offer A-Level classical Greek.  This is a rare opportunity which involves translation from Greek to English and the study of a range of texts.  These include sections of Homer's Iliad or Odyssey, plays such as Euripides' Medea, philosophical texts such as the works of Plato or history written by Herodotus and Thucydides.  The literature of the Greeks has inspired European thinking over the centuries, and this is a chance to access it in the original Greek at first hand. 


Outline of the Course
Unit 1: Unseen translation
Students build their knowledge of the Classical Greek language to become familiar with the vocabulary and linguistic structures.
Unit 2: Prose composition or comprehension
Students develop and demonstrate their detailed understanding of Classical Greek vocabulary and linguistic structures through either:
Translating unseen material from English into Classical Greek; or
Demonstrating their understanding of an unseen prose text through comprehension, translation and questions on syntax and accidence.
Unit 3: Prose literature
Students study two prose set texts: the historian Thucydides and the philosopher Plato.
Unit 4: Verse literature
Students study two verse set texts: the poet Homer and the playwright Sophocles.
Both literature components involve translation and writing commentaries and essays.

How will it be delivered?


Type of Assessment




Unseen translation

1 hour 45 minutes

33% (100 marks)



1 hour 15 minutes

17% (50 marks)


Prose Literature

2 hours

25% (75 marks)


Verse Literature

2 hours

25% (75 marks)

Entry requirements

Minimum entry criteria:

Guarantees a place on the course: 7 in Greek


Your next steps...

A Level Greek will give very strong support to your application if you choose to study Classics at degree level. It also combines very well with other A Level subjects and is an excellent foundation for higher education courses such as law, history, English or modern languages.


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