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A Level Psychology

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time



“I love this course.  I find it fascinating and very interesting.  The material is well presented, easy to follow and thought provoking”

Course Overview

In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, the course is designed to:

•             Encourage students to engage with the subject by introducing new, contemporary topics

•             Make conceptually demanding areas more accessible by setting them in context

•             Allow teachers to select a route through optional topics that suits students’ interests

•             Allow candidates to demonstrate their ability to utilise scientific methodology in the context of psychology

•             Develop candidates critical thinking skills




Year 1

Candidates develop a broad knowledge, understanding and evaluation of the core areas of Psychology through a range of topics chosen for their accessibility and popularity.

Compulsory Content includes: 5 psychological approaches with 5 classic pieces of research evidence and a contemporary debate.

Compulsory Content 2: To conduct 2 investigations in preparation for C2 exam.

Year 2 – A Level

This specification offers a range of topic based options which bring together explanations from
different psychological approaches and engage students in issues and debates in psychology.

Compulsory subject content:

Option 1 subject content: Stress

Option 2 subject content: Schizophrenia

Option 3 subject content: Criminal Behaviours


How will it be delivered?


Component 1: Psychology: Past to Present; 2hrs 15mins (33.3% of A Level)

Component 2: Psychology: Investigating behaviour; 2hrs 15 mins (33.3% of A Level)

Component 3: Psychology: Implications in the Real World; 2 hrs 15 mins (33.3% of A Level)




Entry requirements



Your next steps...

Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Industrial Psychology, School Psychology, Social Psychology


Psychology will enable students to

•             Acquire knowledge of psychological processes and structures

•             Appreciate theoretical and conceptual issues in psychological debate

•             Understand psychological methodology and research methods

•             Reflect on their own experience of the social world

•             Develop skills which help them to participate in adult life


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