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Applied Science: Extended Certificate BTEC

Preparation for Life and Work

Preparation for Life and Work
Preparation for Life and Work
We are only accepting one application per candidate.

What will you be working towards?

Code WWH60
Qualification Type National Award (BTEC)
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Pearson BTEC National in Applied Science

A 2-year course made from externally examined units and internally assessed centre written assignments

The course is very pure in its scientific approach studying many difficult parts of the A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics content.

You will sit 2 external exams with the opportunity to resit just once. These exams are Pass or Fail

Unit 1 Principles and applications of Science – You will sit 3 exams biology, chemistry and physics they normally are within 2 days of one another.

Unit 2 Practical scientific procedures and techniques (assessed by a series of assignments set by the school)

Unit 3 Science investigation skills (90 minute written exam set and marked by Pearson)

Unit 8 Physiology of the human body systems (assessed by a series of assignments set by the school)



Unit 1 – Learning Aim A - Chemistry electron structures S,P,D and F atomic energy levels, ionic bonding , covalent bonding, metallic bonding, intermolecular forces, equations, moles, molar masses and molarities, periods 1,2,3 and 4, groups S block, P block and D block, electronegativity, ionic radius, electron affinity, reactions with water and oxygen, oxidation and reduction, displacement of halogens

Unit 1 Learning Aim B – Cell structure, magnification, animal and plant ultrastructure, classifying bacteria as Gram positive or negative, tissue types, neurones, synapses, action potentials

Unit 1 Learning Aim C – Oscillations, diffraction gratings, coherent light sources, emission spectra, stationary waves resonance, fibre optics, TIR, electromagnetic waves

Unit 2 – Titrations, calorimetry, pH curves, spectrophotometer, cooling curves, chromatography TLC, applications, GLC, scientific skills


How will it be delivered?

Exams and internal assessment

Entry requirements

Grade 5 5 or higher in Combined Science or 5-9 in Chemistry and Physics and grade 5-9 in Maths

Your next steps...

Degrees involving science - nursing


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