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Philosophy Standard Level Group 3

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
Sorry, we aren't accepting applications at the moment.

What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time



Applications are open for our Sixth Form. We don't accept applications through Kent Choices - please visit our website to apply by following this link:

We explore all kinds of questions examining the deeper meaning of existence and what it means to be human. We also study key ideas such as whether or not God exists, and why do we act in certain ways? Philosophy completely changes the way you look at every aspect of life. It develops invaluable transferable skills such as critical questioning, logical argument, evaluation, analysis and debating. These are applicable to various fields such as Politics, Law, Journalism and Medicine. This subject is perfect for students who enjoy debating, presenting persuasive arguments and exploring more abstract questions on the purpose of life.

The course is designed to develop students as Philosophers themselves and not merely be able to regurgitate the ideas of famous scholars. The range of topics is excellent and provides students with the ability to make links between different concepts in this entirely interconnected subject.  


Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. All students undertake the topic on the theme of ‘Being human’ exploring different aspects of human nature.

Standard Level

Two further elements:

● Theories and Problems of Ethics

● Plato’s Republic

Higher Level

Four further elements:

● The Philosophy of Religion

● Theories and Problems of Ethics

● Plato’s Republic

● The Unseen Analysis

What do students say?

"Philosophy is annoyingly unanswerable, but also helps you develop a way of thinking that cannot compare to any other subjects. This accompanied by a classroom environment of discussion and structured debate helps with developing valuable life skills" Ollie 

How will it be delivered?

Standard Level

Written assignment (25%)

Paper 1: Human nature and Ethics (50%)

Paper 2: Text- Plato’s Republic (25%) 

Higher Level

Written assignment (20%)

Paper 1: Human nature, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion (40%)

Paper 2: Text- Plato’s Republic (20%) 

Paper 3: Unseen Text Response (20%) 

Entry requirements

All candidates should have GCSE Grade 6 or above (or its equivalent) in English, Mathematics, at least one Science and one language where studied. Standard Level requirement is 6 and Higher Level is 7 in RS or English or History. Where equivalence cannot be established the School will set appropriate I/GCSE papers to confirm that the applicant is capable of satisfying the academic profile required for the subjects to be studied and the IB Diploma Programme as a whole

Your next steps...

Students have gone on to study Philosophy at UCL, Birmingham, PPE at Oxford and Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Thought at Leeds.


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