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Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Geography A Level enables you to study current global issues and discuss the challenges of the 21st Century. At AS Level, the first of the two examination papers focuses on Dynamic Landscapes, with a specific focus on Tectonic Processes and Hazards in Topic 1. Topic 2 in Paper 1 focuses on Landscape Systems, Processes and Change. You will complete a minimum of two days fieldwork, relating to coastal erosion, land use and the management of coastal defences. In Paper 2, Dynamic Places, you will study Globalisation in topic 1. In topic 2, you will study Shaping Places with a key focus on Regenerating Places. This topic requires a minimum of two days fieldwork, relating to the rebranding of rural and urban environments. Within Paper 1 at A2 level, you will study in section A, Tectonic Processes and Hazards, the Water Cycle and Water Insecurity and the Carbon Cycle and Energy Security. In section B, you will study Coastal Landscapes and Change. In Paper 2, you will study two compulsory topics, Globalisation and Superpowers, as well as Regenerating Places and Migration, Identity and Sovereignty. Paper 3 at A2 level involves you undertaking a Synoptic Investigation linking to three synoptic themes: players, attitudes and actions and futures and uncertainties. Finally at A2 level, you will be expected to complete an Independent Investigation (coursework), a minimum of four days fieldwork. The topic of the Independent Investigation may relate to any aspect of Geography contained within the specification. Geography graduates will be found in numerous different careers so taking it as a subject will just help keep your options open. “Of all the subjects, it is Geography that best draws together the techniques of research, planning, communications and presentation that employers demand today” (Director of Transport Research).



How will it be delivered?

Year 1: Paper 1 – Dynamic Landscapes (1 hr 30 mins written examination) 50% of AS Level Structured short and extended answers Paper 2 – Dynamic Places (1 hr 30 min written examination) 50 % of AS Level Structured short and extended answers Year 2: Paper 1 – (2hrs written examination) 30% of A Level Short open, open response and resource-linked questions. Paper 2 – (2hrs written examination) 30% of A Level Paper 3 – Synoptic Investigation (1 hr 45 min written examination) 20% of A Level Paper 4 – Independent Investigation (Coursework) 20% of A Level

Entry requirements

Grade 5 or above in GCSE Geography and grade 5 in GCSE English Language or English Literature.

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