Film Studies A Level

Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


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Closing Date for applications is Friday 12th February 2021.

Any applications received after this date will be treated as a late application. 

What is the course about?
Film Studies is primarily an academic, rather than practical subject in which the candidate will study and appreciate cinema on a number of levels: as an entertainment form, as an expressive art and as a powerful multi-million dollar industry. The study will focus on the formal properties of cinema (cinematography, editing, lighting etc), movie audiences, the film producers themselves as well as key movements/periods in cinema history. The subject is fun and exciting but also stimulating and demanding.

For whom is the course suitable?
There is no requirement for GCSE Media or Film Studies to study the course; however, candidates should not choose this course unless they have at least grade 6 in English Language or Literature if they are to cope with the academic demands of the specification.

Teaching Methods and Homework commitment
The teaching of Film Studies centres around discussion and students are expected to take an active part in this. Lessons will take the form of teacher- led discussion, student- led discussion, presentations, essay writing skills and reading skills. Homework will be regular reading and wider independent reading along with preparing presentations and essays. Students will also be expected to watch and critique a wide range of films in their own time.

What could I go on to do at the end of the course?

As a broad Arts subject, Film Studies can often lead to a wide range of careers and degree courses. Some of these could include working in Film/TV production companies, Commercial Galleries, Craft & Design Institutions, Advertising/Marketing Arts Organisations, Civil Service Departments  and Universities/Colleges/Schools.

Method of Study and Assessment

A Level  Course

Unit 1 – Film History -  a study of 3 US films from a set list from the silent era to 1990. Also a study of 2 set films from two major European film movements

2 hr paper 35% of A Level

Unit 2 – Critical Approaches – a critical study of different types of film including contemporary British and American, documentary, non-European non-English language, English language (non US) and US independent

2 hr paper 35% of A Level

Unit 3 Coursework - Making Short Film – study of a compilation of short British fiction films and a compilation of short British experimental films which results in the production of a 5 minute short film or 10 minute screenplay for a short film (including digitally photographed storyboard) along with an evaluative analysis of the production in relation to professionally produced set short films. 

Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) - 90 marks - 30% of A Level

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