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Social Sciences
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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
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Closing Date for applications is Friday 12th February 2021.

Any applications received after this date will be treated as a late application. 

What is the course about?
Year 12 focuses on British Government (national, local, devolved and EU), the British Constitution, voting behaviour, political participation, pressure groups, political parties, media and political concepts & ideologies. Political Ideologies will be taught in preparation for the Unit 3 Ideologies paper. The main focus of the 2nd part of the course is the Government and Politics of the USA and comparative government. Ideologies will then be revisited in more detail. . Annually, trips are arranged to a sixth form student politics conference, the EU in Brussels and the Houses of Parliament where students meet MPs. Most subjects fit well with Government & Politics but the subjects where there can be some curricular overlap include History, Sociology, Business Studies, Economics, Media Studies and Geography.

For whom is the course suitable?
The course aims to give students a grounding in, and understanding of, the working of both the British and American political systems together with an appreciation of relevant political ideologies. The course will appeal to students enthusiastic about politics and current affairs and who want to know more about how decisions are reached in government and the extent to which the electorate can influence these decisions. Students also learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens and will develop a critical awareness of political events and issues in both the UK and the USA. Students should have good essay writing skills as they are the main means of assessment.

Teaching Methods and Homework commitment
Throughout the course, topics are discussed in class with students taking notes. As on-going homework, students are expected to complete exercises and assignments in conjunction with their own note-taking from text books. Students need to keep newspaper cuttings and to read recommended books and articles. In class there is plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions as many topics are set as group tasks. Once a topic has been covered, there will be regular timed “mock” tests and examination papers to tackle in class and as homework. Access to e-books makes self-study much easier, as a back up to specific tasks.

What could I go on to do at the end of the course?

Many degree courses, apart from a degree in Politics itself, have strong politics content such as Sociology, Modern History, Law, Economics, International Relations, Geography, Public Administration, Business Studies, Social Work, Social Policy and Industrial Relations. Successful completion of A-level Government & Politics gives students a very good foundation to their degree courses and will be of great value for careers in law, journalism, local government, the civil service, social work, media, public relations, management and secretarial work. It also serves as a useful grounding for those wanting to be involved in local politics, community affairs, trade unions and governing bodies of schools/hospitals/professional associations or simply for those who just want to have a greater understanding of the way decisions are made. Students of Politics have even followed an accountancy training route because of the analytical skills they have developed.

Method of Study and Assessment

A Level Course

Unit 1 - Government and Politics of the UK

Written Paper – 2 hours          33.3% of A-level

Unit 2 – Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative Politics

Written Paper – 2 hours          33.3% of A-level

Unit 3 – Political Ideas

Written Paper – 2 hours         33.3% of A-level


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