Film Standard Level International Baccalaureate group 6 subject

Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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What will you be working towards?

Code FSL
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This is an exciting and varied course combining the academic with the practical. The aim of the film course is to create critically autonomous students who gain a wide range of skills in the study and production of film and truly make the transition from film fan to film student. They will be able to analyse a variety of film texts from different historical periods, genres and film traditions. Students will be able to apply academic approaches including concepts and theories relating to film to further enhance their interpretations and develop their theory of knowledge. Furthermore, their theoretical understanding of film will be applied to their practical work which will encourage research, creativity, practical and technical skills. 


In order to develop students' analytical and creative ability, they will be introduced to a wide range of films from across the globe. There is a focus on the application of film language through micro analysis, key concepts such as representation, ideology, audience, narrative and institution as well as genre. Internationalism will be developed by examining films from other countries with an emphasis on movements such as French new wave, British new wave, the historical development of American cinema, contemporary Spanish cinema and Japanese anime to Japanese horror. Students are also given the opportunity to study and present their own study of film from an international context so the course remains diverse and contemporary. Students should be able to communicate their understanding orally, through essay writing and through their own practical work. They will present throughout the course to the class so these crucial skills become second nature.

Students will develop practical skills through a series of film—making tasks related to their academic analysis. For example, they may be asked to produce a short film sequence in a Film Noir style, or produce an opening sequence for a classical Hollywood style—film. Through a series of workshops students will be taught scripting, storyboarding, filming and editing skills using industry standard software (Final Cut Pro) on Apple Mac. 

How will it be delivered?

External assessment:

Textual Analysis - A written analysis of a five-minute extact of a film from a prescribed film list set by the IB. Students must consider both the cultural context and a deconstruction of the micro-elements of film. The written analysis must be no longer than1750 words including a list of sources used (acdemic referencing)

Comparative Study - Students shall create a multi-media video showing research into a chosen area of film focus. Each multi-media video must compare two films from within the film focus and last 10 minutes maximum.

Internal Assessments

Film Production Portfolio - stuents must showcase the best of their production skills in a choice of the following roles: Director, Editor, Screenwriter, Sound Designer and Cinematographer.

Create 2 production reels for 2 different production roles. Each reel lasts a maximum of 3 minutes in length. Students will also be required to complete a 3 page evaluation for each film reel.

Create 1 complete short film showcasing a different role from the above lasting a maximum of 3 minutes in length. Students will also be required to complete a 3 page evaluation.

Collaborative Film Project (HL only)

Students work together in groups of 2-4 students to create a 7 minute film of a clearly identifiable genre. Each student is assessed for one of the following roles: Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Sound Designer, Editor. In addition, each student will also produce accompanying written documentation for no more than 2000 words.


Entry requirements

General entry requirements:

International Baccalaureate Diploma: 6 x grade 6 and 2 x grade 5 at GCSE or equivalent.

International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme: 3 x grade 6 and 2 x grade 5 at GCSE or equivalent.