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Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Leisure, Travel and Tourism
Leisure, Travel and Tourism

What will you be working towards?

Code F8
Qualification Type Other Regulated/Accredited Qualification
Qualification Level Level 1
Course type Full Time


There are two strands to this programme – improving as a player, and developing as a coach. Delivered in conjunction with Charlton Athletic Football Club and Shepway Sports Trust you will benefit from outstanding facilities, elite level coaching and a challenging fixture list. 

This programme can run alongside your academic studies, occupying approximately 15 hours a week. You will work on core skills and game awareness but also physiology, sports psychology, nutrition and personal development. Playing the game helps increase aerobic capacity, builds muscle strength, promotes teamwork, increase cognitive brain function and builds confidence and selfesteem. 

The qualifications delivered within this programme provide coaching experience which in turn can present employment opportunities. This programme can work alongside up to three Level 3 or Level 2 courses..


In addition to a carefully planned programme of skills improvement, students will work towards:

Level 1 1st4sport Award in Coaching Football  

Level 2 1st4sport Award in Leadership through Football

How will it be delivered?

Level 1 Award Observation,  portfolio & written examination

Level 2 Award Observation,  portfolio & written examination

Entry requirements

There will be 20 places in each year group awarded based on playing ability, but we also value attitude, commitment and integrity just as highly.

Your next steps...

On successful completion of this programme you may go off to university as a better player and more confident leader and continue to benefit from continued participation in sport. Alternatively or additionally, you may further your coaching experience in a community coaching role.