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Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Code HGS13
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Examining Board: EDEXCEL Head of Department: Miss Chapman


Geography is the study of the physical and human world. It links these in space and time, helping us to understand how and why the world is changing and to respond to what is happening around us. In a globalised world, geography is a relevant, challenging and topical subject to study, both inside and beyond the classroom.

What topics are covered?

Students will study a total of 8 topics – 4 in Y12 and 4 in Y13. All 8 topics will be examined at the end of Y13 in 3 papers of varying length and weighting. The final element of assessment will require all students to produce an individual investigation of their choice and design which will be internally marked and externally moderated.

In each area of study candidates will consider the values and attitudes of decision makers, consider their own values and attitudes to the issues being studied and support their learning of ideas through the study of specific case studies. Candidates will also develop a variety of geographical skills, which will broaden and deepen existing knowledge and be employed with a greater degree of independence.

Why choose Geography?

In addition to more traditional Geography, you will also study contemporary issues which infiltrate every level of society; locally, nationally and globally. You will develop many key, transferable skills which are not only useful in the wider world, but are highly regarded by universities and employers.


Paper 1 (30%) will cover the following topics:

Tectonic Hazards

The Carbon Cycle & Energy Security

The Water Cycle & Water Insecurity

Coasts – landscapes & management



Paper 2 (30%) will cover the following topics:


Regenerating Places


Migration, identity & Sovereignty


Paper 3 (20%) will be based on a resource booklet and will test students synoptic understanding of all aspects of the course through the use of contemporary material and examples.


Paper 4 (20%) an Individual investigation of between 3000 - 4000 words based on the student’s own data collection.


Students are required to participate in four days of fieldwork spread over the two years.

How will it be delivered?

Entry requirements


Entry Criteria: GCSE grade 6 in Geography

plus:  GCSE grade 5 in English (Language or Literature) and GCSE grade 5 in Mathematics

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