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Code HGS21
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time



Examining Board: AQA, Head of Department: Ms L Farbrace


Have you ever wondered how we developed into the society we are today? Are you interested in finding out answers to important questions? Sociologists study issues such as: how the way people see you affects your identity; whether and why men or women are more likely to commit a crime; what the purpose of education is; why families are changing; what role the media plays in influencing behaviour; and how scientific and religious beliefs affect individuals and groups. Sociology is the study of societies, groups and institutions, and will help you to make sense of the society we live in and understand the issues which affect us all.

Through studying Sociology, you will learn a number of skills including the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate social issues, critical thinking and evaluation. Sociology is about the society you live in so you are bound to enjoy learning about topics that are relevant to everyday life; and it opens the door to a fantastic range of interesting careers.

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PAPER 1 – Education with Theory and Methods

This covers: the role and purpose of education; differential achievement by social class, gender and ethnicity; relationships and processes within schools; educational policies; Sociological research methods; Sociological theory: Sociology and Social Policy.


Paper 2 – Topics in Sociology

Options are chosen from: Culture and identity; Families and Households; Health; Work, Poverty and Welfare; Beliefs in Society, Global Development, The Media, Stratification and Differentiation.


PAPER 3 – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

This covers: crime, deviance, social order and social control; the social distribution of crime and deviance by social group; globalisation and crime; the media and crime; green crime; human rights and state crimes; crime control, surveillance, prevention and punishment, victims, and the role of the criminal justice system and other agencies; Theory and methods as Paper 1.


In Year 1 - Education, Sociological research methods and option 1 (Culture and Identity) will be taught

In Year 2 – Option 2 (Beliefs in Society), Crime and Deviance and Sociological theory will be taught

How will it be delivered?

Assessment is entirely by examination. A level exams are all 2 Hour written papers consisting of short answer and extended writing questions.

Entry requirements


Entry Criteria:  GCSE grade 5 in English (Language or Literature) and GCSE grade 5 in Mathematics

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