Stepping Stone Pathway- Level 2

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Code STLL2_Various
Qualification Type GCSE or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


This is a one-year course aimed at students who are require the opportunity to further develop their skills and work towards gaining additional GCSEs. Students will take on a variety of different areas of study as outlined below, in order to prepare them for the world of work or for further education at Level 3. 


GCSE Sociology aims to broaden students’ minds, helping them to see their world from different perspectives and in new and thought-provoking ways. The ideal sociology student will have an inquisitive mind and ask questions about the world, such as “Why do girls achieve better than boys at school?” and “Why do some people face discrimination in society?” Students will develop their analytical, assimilation and communication skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives on a variety of social issues, such as family diversity, educational achievement and crime & deviance. Students will construct reasoned arguments, make substantiated judgements, and draw reasoned conclusions. By studying sociology, students will develop transferable skills including how to: investigate facts and make deductions, develop opinions and new ideas on social issues and analyse and better understand their social world.
GCSE Media Studies will enable students to develop and practise a range of skills. Students will analyse how media products like TV programmes and music videos use media language, and representations to create meaning. Students will learn about the media industry and how the industry affects how media products are made. They will investigate media audiences, exploring who are the people who watch, read, and consume the products, and consider how different people might be affected by media products differently, and why. Throughout the course students will study and be exposed to many different media forms. Alongside the theoretical components of the course students will create a practical production. In the practical work, students will be able to apply what you have learned about the media in the production of their own media products.
London Institute Banking Finance Level 2 Certificate in Financial Education - CeFE introduces students to the impact of finance on the economy and encourages them to consider how this can affect businesses and individuals. You will learn the role of the citizen in the UK, the values held by citizens and their impact on personal finance. You will then consider the concept of financial planning and personal financial budgets. Finally, you will discover how businesses manage money and the relationship between personal money management and business money management. Throughout this course you will develop key knowledge and a valuable range of applied and transferable skills. It provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines.
GCSE Mathematics and English Language - This area of the course allows students to re-sit their GCSE Mathematics and or English Language as required, in order to improve their grade with the aim of achieving a 4 grade or higher in each subject. Students will be assessed through coursework and sitting formal GCSE paper examinations.
Optional - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze - The Bronze award allows participants to explore various key skills needed to be successful in life. Participants are encouraged to become independent and take ownership of their award being allowed to choose which skill, physical and volunteering activities they would like to learn. They are able to try something new or choose activities they know they will love, either way participants will gain skills and achieve an award that will set them up for life. Alongside this they will learn teamwork and expedition skills whilst exploring the local area on a 2-day expedition. The Bronze award is recognised amongst colleges, universities and employers who identify the hard work students have gone to, to achieve this award.

How will it be delivered?

Courses will be assessed by examination, practical skills, speaking and presenting and coursework. 

Entry requirements

1 Year Course - Normally 5 GCSEs grades in the range of 9-2 (Including Maths and English at grade 3 or above)


Your next steps...

We encourage our students to look at all pathway options, College Courses, Apprenticeships, Traineeships, 6th Form Schools and direct employment. It is important that students enquire about entry criteria for all courses they wish to apply for.

Please note there is no automatic pathway to HBHS Level 3 courses upon completion of the Level 2 Stepping Stone course and we highly encourage students to make their applications for their onward destination by December.