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Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Sociology will provide students with a broad understanding of society. Studying Sociology offers insights into social and cultural issues. It helps develop a multi-perspective and critical approach to understanding issues around class, culture, identity, religion, crime, childhood and social power. It is therefore relevant to a wide variety of careers. These include: Journalism, Teaching, the Police, Medicine, Probation, Social Work, Child Development, Psychology, Government and Criminology.


Sociology is a subject that deals with new ways of explaining the social world - known as sociological theories. Sociology involves the political and philosophical analysis of society, how it operates and influences our lives. Sociology offers a unique and fresh insight into the world that we take for granted. Good Sociologists will be able to ‘step back` from common-sense thought and instead analyse the social world in a critical, objective and rigorous fashion.

Sociology employs a wide variety of theories and concepts in order to interpret how and why humans behave as they do. Interpretation, analysis and evaluation of these theories encourage debate and curiosity. 

Entry requirements

To be successful in Sociology students need to have an interest in people and how and why they behave as they do. Students should show awareness of social and political issues, listen to current affairs on the radio and be familiar with quality newspapers. They must also be prepared to challenge taken-for-granted ideas in order to develop a deeper understanding of society. An ability to respect and listen to others, communicate ideas concisely and to present a balanced and critical argument is also desirable.

It is required that students have a grade Cat GCSE Sociology or for those who have not studied it before a grade 6 at GCSE English and Mathematics. Students do not need to have studied Sociology at GCSE; however, this would prove to an advantage at A Level and give students the opportunity to be team leaders in group activities.