Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Code So
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Sociology is the study of society and social behaviour. It is a social science that uses data from various sources to analyse trends in the way that societies are organised, including how groups in societies interact and the roles that institutions play in society.

Sociology also involves thinking critically and forming reasoned arguments using philosophical perspectives that attempt to explain social behaviour.


The A Level Sociology course covers:

  • Education, including the role of education, social policy and educational attainment of different genders, ethnicities and social classes
  • Families and households, including demographic trends in UK families, changes in the nature of family, childhood and the position of women
  • Crime and deviance, including perspectives on why crimes are committed, types of crime and criminological research
  • Beliefs in society, including the role of religion, types of religious organisation, and science and political ideology as belief systems
  • Sociological theory and research methods, including perspectives such as feminism and Marxism, as well as factors influencing choices  in sociological research design
  • Current affairs and issues in society today, such as globalisation, social differentiation, culture and identity

How will it be delivered?

Assessment takes place at the end of Year 13 and is 100% external exam (three exams of two hours each).

Entry requirements

General entry requirements: Grade 4 in English Language and Maths together with 3 other GCSE grades at grade 4 or above is the minimum requirement to enter Hillview Sixth Form.


Students must have a Grade 5 in English Language and an APS of 4.75. A Grade 5 in History, RE or Geography is also highly recommended.

Your next steps...

There are numerous Sociology and Criminology related university courses. Sociology is also an extremely valuable subject for anyone thinking of working in the “people centred” professions e.g. teaching, social work, academic research, the police, law and civil service.