Preparation for Life and Work

Preparation for Life and Work
Preparation for Life and Work
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Code An
Qualification Type Functional Skill
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time



ASDAN is a qualification as well as and intervention which has a nurture approach. It provides scaffolding to enable growth and development in other subjects. It is a planned progression from our KS3 Key Skills experiences. Students are invited to take part in this course and carefully selected.

Sessions also focus on providing the social and emotional support students need during the next phase of the education. It is a small group environment in a specialised age appropriate classroom similar to our KS3 Key Skills rooms. Students often find both the room and the staff who run the course become their support main support and safety net during their transition to GCSE studies.

We also offer Personal and Social Development Certificate Level 1 in Year 12 for students who have taken part in ASDAN course during their GCSEs.


The programme focuses on developing literacy, numeracy, social and life skills. There is no exam rather students complete challenges for each topic. The work they complete contributes to their portfolio which is internally and externally moderated. By successfully completing each course students gain a recognised certificate.

The challenges students are involved range from making and baking to interviewing and interacting. There are many opportunities for outside of the classroom learning from shopping activities in Tenterden to trips to London.

Entry requirements

No formal entry requirements, students will be invited to follow this programme.

By Invitation only