Drama and Theatre Studies A Level

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Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


At A Level the Drama and Theatre Studies specification focuses on working with play texts, from different genre and historical periods, to allow students to explore creatively, in both devised and scripted work. Studying texts from the point of view of a director, designer, performer and critic, the course enables students to acquire knowledge and understanding of semiotics – how to convey meaning through a sign system, whilst honing analytical and performance skills.


The course builds on knowledge acquired at GCSE and allows student to develop their understanding of how theatre reflects what it is to be a human being and engage with the political and cultural influences that have shaped the work of practitioners and playwrights through history.

Learners will compile a research report based on a variety of theatrical practitioners, to experiment with their theory and devise work from this exploration, to create original theatre. This process is collated in a portfolio, the format of which is open to a wide variety of learning styles. Performance texts are analysed and evaluated, as is live theatre, considering how language, gesture, proxemics and production values convey meaning to an audience.

The course will develop skills in communication, analysis, planning and facilitating, whilst nurturing leadership and the ability to negotiate and compromise – skills necessary for effective teamwork. The aim is for the student to become an independent, creative practitioner, in preparation for an arts-based degree course or for Drama School. The course also may be a compliment to other career aspirations such as teaching, arts administration, arts education, or any career involving public speaking or group work.

How will it be delivered?

Unit 1: Practitioners in Practice 120 marks 40% of total A Level
Unit 2: Exploring and Performing Texts 60 marks 20% of total A Level
Unit 3: Paper A: Analysing Performance 60marks 20% of total A Level 2 hours 15 minutes Written paper
Unit 4: Paper B: Deconstructing Texts for Performance 60 marks 20% of total A Level 1 hour 45 minutes Written paper

Entry requirements

grade 6, or above, in English Literature.