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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
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Course type Full Time


Politics affects everybody in society. Through studying politics you will learn more about how government operates on a global, European and domestic level. You will learn how institutions like parliament operate, how elections take place and how individual politicians, from local councillors to the Prime Minister arrive at decisions. You will also study how protest groups operate and what different British political parties stand for.


At A Level, you will study three units over two years.

Unit 1 is a study of British politics. The main areas of focus will be political parties, pressure groups, voting behaviour and elections. You will also study core political ideas such as socialism, liberalism and conservatism.

Unit 2 is a study of British government. You will also study the roles of parliament, the cabinet, the Prime Minister, the civil service and the judicial system. The influence of the European Union on British politics will also be investigated. You will also study the concept of nationalism for this unit

Unit 3 is a study of American government and politics, focusing on areas such as the two main political parties, the election process, the roles of the Congress, President and the Supreme Court. The different powers and responsibilities of the federal and state governments are also considered. You will also be asked to compare the UK and US systems of government.

Through your studies, you will develop a critical approach to looking at national and global issues. You will improve your written skills, your ability to present information and your capacity to take part in reasoned discussion, debate and dialogue with others. All of these qualities will serve you well in higher education and in the world of work. A degree in politics can lead to a career in journalism, the media, publishing, law, local government, management and politics itself.

How will it be delivered?

Unit 1: 1 x 2 hour examination on UK Politics and core ideologies.

Unit 2: 1 x 2 hour examination on UK Government and the concept of nationalism.
The Government of the USA

Unit 3: 1 x 2 hour examination on politics and government of the USA.
Each unit is worth 1/3 of your A Level marks. There is no coursework
The exam board is Edexcel.


Entry requirements

6/above in GCSE English Language or Literature or 6/above in GCSE History.