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Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
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Our Mathematics AS and A Level courses are suitable for students who have achieved at least a grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics. Mathematics is a course worth studying not only as a supporting subject for the physical and social sciences, but also in its own right. It is challenging but interesting. It builds on work you will have covered at GCSE, but also involves new ideas produced by some of the greatest minds of the last millennium. The course will develop your ability to solve problems by using mathematical arguments and logic.

There is an emphasis on mathematical modelling where you will simplify real life situations so that you can use mathematics to show what is happening and what might happen in different circumstances. You will also be taught to use further calculator technology and other resources (such as formulae booklets or statistical tables) effectively and appropriately. The Mathematics course is either a one year AS or a two year A Level. The A Level course consists of two pure mathematics papers and one statistics/mechanics paper. The AS course consists of one pure paper and one statistics/mechanics paper.


Further Mathematics is offered to those students who achieve a grade 9 at GCSE and is taught as a separate course. Further Mathematics will lead to a second and more challenging qualification. The course will continue to build upon your pure mathematical knowledge beyond the scope of the standard advanced level course. You will study such topics as matrices, complex numbers and investigate further coordinate systems, in addition to extending your introductory skills in calculus. The Further Mathematics course is a full A Level taught over two years.

Mathematics is rather different from other subjects. An essential part of mathematical study is the challenge of analysing and solving a problem and the satisfaction and confidence gained from achieving a ‘correct’ answer. If you choose Mathematics you will not have to write essays, but you will need to communicate well in written work to explain your solutions.

An A Level in Mathematics is very valuable as a supporting subject to many courses at advanced level and degree level, especially in the sciences. Advanced level Mathematics is a much sought after qualification for entry to a wide variety of full time courses in higher education. There are also many areas of employment that see a Mathematics A Level as an important qualification and it is often a requirement for the vocational qualifications related to these areas. Higher education courses or careers that either require A Level Mathematics or desire it include economics, medicine, architecture, engineering, accountancy, teaching, psychology, physics, and computing. Further Mathematics is worth considering, especially for those looking to enter the fields of science or engineering or Mathematics itself.

How will it be delivered?

A Level Mathematics
Paper 1
Pure Mathematics 1
2 hours
Paper 2
Pure Mathematics 2
2 hours
Paper 3
Statistics and Mechanics
2 hour

Entry requirements

7/above in GCSE Mathematics.