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Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code KNO1
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Through studying biology, chemistry or physics, students should become aware of how scientists work and communicate with each other. While the scientific method may take on a wide variety of forms, it is the emphasis on a practical approach through experimental work that characterises these subjects

The aims of this course are to enable students, through the overarching theme of the Nature of science, to:  

  • appreciate scientific study and creativity with a global context through stimulating and challenging opportunities 
  • acquire a body of knowledge, methods and techniques that characterise science and technology
  • develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise scientific information
  • develop an appreciation of the possibilities and limitations of science and technology
  • develop a critical awareness of the need for, and the value of, effective collaboration and communication during scientific activities



  • Measurements & uncertainties
  • Mechanics 
  • Thermal Physics 
  • Waves 
  • Electricity and magnetism 
  • Circular motion and gravitation 
  • Atomic, nuclear & particle physics 
  • Energy production 

Additional higher level (AHL): 

  • Wave phenomena
  • Fields 
  • Electromagnetic induction 
  • Quantum and nuclear physics


  • Relativity
  • Engineering physics
  • Imaging
  • Astrophysics 

How will it be delivered?

External assessment:

  • Paper 1: 40 multiple choice questions on core and AHL, about 15 of which are common with SL (1 hour, 20%)
  • Paper 2: Short answer and extended-response questions on the core and AHL material (2 hours 15 minutes, 36%)
  • Paper 3: This paper will have questions on core, AHL and option material (1 hour 15 minutes, 24%)

Internal assessment: 

  • Internal assessment is an integral part of the physics course, contributing 20% to the final assessment in the SL and HL courses.

Entry requirements

Minimum of five 9-5 grades in GCSE examinations including English and Maths, a grade 6, 6 in Combined Science/Chemistry and a grade 6 in Maths.

Your next steps...

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Future courses & possible careers:

  • Medicine
  • Engineer 
  • Researcher 
  • RAF Pilot