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Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Code KNO5
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Have you ever wondered why some people make friends easily or why you can remember some things and not others, or how some people are born leaders while others are happy to follow the crowd? Psychology is the systematic study of such behaviours and mental processes. It has its roots in both the natural and social sciences, which leads to a variety of research designs and applications, providing a unique approach to understanding modern society.

IB Psychology examines the interaction of biological, cognitive and sociocultural influences on human behaviour. This integrated approach helps you gain an understanding of how psychological knowledge is generated, developed and applied, thereby enabling you to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and the diversity of human behaviour.

Due to the stringent scientific investigation and in-depth analysis of behaviour, Psychology is a respected academic subject, which combines well with the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. It is good for progression to Higher Education and is particularly useful for any profession where an insight into human behaviour is beneficial.


Unit 1: Core

  • The biological level of analysis 
  • The cognitive level of analysis
  • The sociocultural level of analysis

Unit 2: Two options from the list below 

  • Abnormal psychology
  • Psychology of human relationships 
  • Sport psychology 
  • Developmental psychology 
  • Health psychology 

Unit 3: 

  • Qualitative research in psychology

Unit 4: 

  • Introduction to experimental research methodology

How will it be delivered?


Coursework makes up 20% of your overall grade and requires you to design, implement and critically assess a simple experiment. In addition, at the end of the two year course, you will sit three exam papers.

Entry requirements

Minimum of five 9-5 grades in GCSE examinations including a grade 6 in English, Maths and Science.

Your next steps...

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Future courses & possible careers:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Management Training 
  • Sports 
  • Human Resource 
  • Education 
  • Occupational Health 
  • Counselling & Therapies 
  • Sales 
  • Criminal Investigation/Forensics 
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Armed Forces 
  • Neuroscience & Intensive Rehabilitation