IB Chemistry

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code KNO8
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


IB Chemistry builds on the skills and ideas developed at GCSE. Students will study aspects of Chemistry that are often in the media and affect their lives.

The aims of this course are:  

  • To develop a student’s interest in, and enthusiasm for, chemistry, including developing an interest in further study and careers in chemistry.  
  • To gain an appreciation of how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society.
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the skills, knowledge, and understanding of how science works and essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other.


Topics covered:

  • Stoichiometric relationships
  • Atomic structure 
  • Periodicity, Periodic Table and Transition Elements 
  • Chemical bonding and structure 
  • Energetics/thermochemistry 
  • Chemical kinetics 
  • Equilibrium 
  • Acids and bases 
  • Redox processes 
  • Organic chemistry 

How will it be delivered?

External assessment:

  • Paper 1: 40 multiple choice questions (1 hour, 20%)  
  • Paper 2: Short answer and extended response questions (2 hours 25 minutes, 36%)
  • Paper 3: Data-based, practical-based questions, short answers and extended response questions (1 hour 25 minutes, 24%)

Internal assessment:

  • Individual investigation: Personal research, investigation and write-up (20%) 
  • Measurement, data processing and analysis

Entry requirements

Minimum of five 9-5 grades in GCSE examinations including English and Maths, a grade 6, 6 in Combined Science/Chemistry and a grade 5 in Maths.

Your next steps...

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Future courses & possible careers: 

  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Science 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Biochemistry & Chemical Engineering