Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3


This qualifications is equivelent to half an A Level (28 UCAS points), there if must be studies alongside three A Level or Level 3 BTEC Courses.  An increasing number of universities are including the EPQ in their offers to students.  Some universities and higher education institutions are backing the Projects by working directly with schools and colleges to tutor and encourage students.

This course provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the A level syllabus, whilst also standing out and preparing for university or their future career. Students will identify, plan and complete an individual project on a subject of their choosing, applying a range of strategies to prove a hypothesis or to create something new. They will obtain, critically select and use information from a range of sources; analyse data, apply it relevantly and demonstrate understanding of the complexities of the topic. Students will use a range of skills, solve problems, and to make decisions analytically, creatively and flexibly, to achieve planned outcomes.  

It can also be used to earn extra UCAS points.


Potential Topics that will be studied

Students who choose the Extended Project can complete their assignment on any topic of their choosing. This can be linked to something they are currently studying on one of their courses, or something completely different.

Examples of recent project topics include: the decline of heavy metal music, whether aggression is a result of nature or nurture, and an investigation into how effective coastal defences have proved to be.

Examples of recent artefacts include: the creation of two speakers and an amplifier, a script, an animation and a computer completely made from recycled parts.

How will it be delivered?


The assessment is very different from other qualifications because there are no exams. In fact, in the Extended Project, the learning process is more important than the outcome.

That is, the skills you develop and the experiences you go through are more important than what you actually make, present or conclude.

Students will achieve an outcome equivalent to an AS grade.

The project involves the completion of

(1) Project outcome:

  • 5000 word essay, centred around a question
  • Or: 5000 word scientific report
  • Or: 1000 word essay + artefact

(2) Project log

  • Planning
  • Mid Term Review
  • Reflection

(3) Presentation

Entry requirements

In order to attend Meopham Sixth Form the minimum entry requirement is 5 level 4 GCSEs, including English and Maths.

Your next steps...

No matter what your next step in life, a carefully chosen Extended Project can help you to make sound decisions, to become more confident, and to develop important skills and knowledge. Universities particularly value the Extended Project Qualification as it helps them to select students with a commitment to their chosen subject and a head-start in the independent learning skills that higher education demands.