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History, Philosophy and Theology

History, Philosophy and Theology
History, Philosophy and Theology
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What will you be working towards?

Code 60147015/4010
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


The general thrust of our programme is to move away from traditional, elitist histories and to explore history from the perspective of the marginalised and oppressed. With that in mind we explore two great revolutions, one bourgeois and the other proletarian, one born in Britain and the other Russia. At A level we have a broader study of the US in the 20th century through which we analyse its development in terms of women, labour and ethnic minority rights. Perhaps the most exciting element of the new course is the coursework component. Students will effectively be able to study any history that engages them, it could be Mexican political history in the early 20th century or a study of guild socialism in Iceland over a millennium ago. We are one of only 20 schools nationally that uses JSTOR (online academic journals) and this will provide a massive advantage to our historians on this particular element.

In Year 12 you will study two units as below:

Y108 Early Stuarts and the Origins of the Civil War 1603-1660

  • James I and Parliament
  • James I and religion
  • Charles I 1625-1640
  • Charles I and the victory of Parliament 1640-1646

Y249 Russia 1894-1941

  • The rule of Tsar Nicholas II
  • The 1917 Revolutions
  • The Civil War and Lenin
  • The rule of Stalin

In Year 13 you will study two units as below:

Y319 Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992

  • African Americans
  • Trade Union and Labour Rights
  • Native American Indians
  • Women
  • Civil Rights in the ‘Gilded age’ c.1875-c.1895
  • The New Deal and Civil Rights
  • Malcolm X and Black Power

Y100 Coursework

Students will be required to complete a 4000 word essay. They will have a free choice on subject matter, subject to approval, with the standard option being to pursue an aspect of the Russia course in greater depth.

Entry requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE History guarantees a place on this course. 

Please note that applicants must also meet our overall entry requirements of scoring at least a total of 42 points (simply add up all your GCSE grades) and achieve a Grade 4 or higher in both English Language and Mathematics.

Your next steps...

You could take this course to complement other advanced level courses or to prepare for the A2 part of an Advanced GCE in History, which could lead onto higher education in History or related subjects such as English, American Studies, Politics , Archaeology or more general courses. With further training, you could go into a job related to history by seeking employment in areas of heritage such as working for a museum or within education such as a teacher. You could also go straight into a job as the AS GCE is a recognised qualification that will help you develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across lots of industries are looking for.