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Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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Code 9PH0
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Physics is a critical subject for the advancement of our species. All of the technological advancements in the 20th and 21st century have built upon our improved understanding of the universe, from the very largest structures, like Galaxies, to the smallest structures, like quarks and leptons. Physicists aim to try to understand and to explain how and why things happen. They love to theorise, prove and disprove using both Mathematics and by experimentation.  


Year 12 - During year 12 we teach the relevant year 1 topics. These are Waves, Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Materials and Electronics. Students will develop soft skills and transferrable skills that will help them with all of their A level studies and also with life in the future. Students develop a positive mind set and expand their interest in the world around them.

Year 13 - In year 13 students study topics which will advance their understanding of the Universe as a whole, new branches of Physics open up and with more answers come more questions. We study Electromagnetism, Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics, Further Mechanics, Fields, Particle Physics and Thermodynamics.

Throughout the course there is an emphasis on practical work and we complete all 16 of the core investigations as well.

We aim to provide extracurricular opportunities to visit industries in the Nuclear and particle physics sectors, to learn about the most advanced facilities on the planet and to see physics in action.

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Entry requirements

We prefer a minimum of 6-5 in Combined Science or Grade 6 in Physics. Grade 5 in Mathematics and Grade 5 in either English Language or Literature. These are the course requirements for automatic qualification.

We will be happy to discuss suitability with you on enrolment day if you do not meet these requirements. For further information please contact Mr N Barley

Your next steps...

Physics leads to a wide range of possible careers, for example: Engineering, Astrophysics, Research, Meteorology, Energy Management, Surgery, Radiotherapy and many more!  Physics is also recognised as an A level which demonstrates considerable reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking .  This can help you get into degree courses such as Law, Finance, Architecture or Computer Software Design.  Every employer or university will be impressed if you have an A level in this subject.