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Social Sciences
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Code 60323619
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course is part of the IBCP Pathway and must not be chosen alongside A Levels.

There is no single approach that would describe or explain mental processes and behaviour on its own as human beings are complex animals, with highly developed frontal lobes, cognitive abilities, involved social structures and cultures. The study of behaviour and mental processes requires a multidisciplinary approach and the use of a variety of research techniques whilst recognising that behaviour is not a static phenomenon, it is adaptive, and as the world, societies and challenges facing societies change, so does behaviour. 


Psychology is the rigorous and systematic study of mental processes and behaviour. It is a complex subject which draws on concepts, methods and understandings from a number of different disciplines. The study of psychology provides students with an opportunity to engage with exciting, stimulating and personally relevant topics and issues that can be applied to many different careers in the future and aspects of day-to-day life too.

How will it be delivered?

Exam and controlled assessment

Entry requirements

The general entry for the IBCP is five Grade 4's and above at GCSE level. IB subjects have the option of a higher or standard level. All students will initially be put forward for the higher level and final entry will be decided after student enrolment on the course. This will be decided after student enrolment on the course. It is recommended to have 5’s in English, Maths and Science.  

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The “Pathways” focus on a specific career and suggest subject combinations to give the best experience, understanding and qualifications that would be required to follow suggested careers. These include the Counselling and Research career paths but can also be part of International Affairs, Political Science, Media, Journalism and Law.