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Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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Code 60323577
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course is part of the IBCP Pathway and must not be chosen alongside A Levels.

Imagine you could have lived a thousand different kinds of lives, but you end up having lived only one (Geertz paraphrased in Eriksen, 2009: 11). Anthropology is about finding out about the thousand other lives you could have lived if you had been born in a different time or place. It is about “making sense of other people’s worlds, translating their experiences and explaining what they are up to, how their societies work and why they believe in whatever it is that they believe in” (Eriksen, 2006: ix). More than this, in an increasingly interconnected world, anthropology seeks to unravel the complexities of what makes us human by exploring what makes people as social beings in different cultures different from each other.


Students examine contemporary human experiences in different societies and cultures in a contextual way. Due to the interconnectedness of the 21st-century world, many global challenges manifest themselves in students’ local or otherwise significant communities as powerfully as at national and international levels. The ethos of the CAS programme is to engage students in experiential learning in a similarly contextual way. The course is broken into three separate learning sections: Engaging with anthropology, Engaging with ethnography and Engaging in anthropological practice.

How will it be delivered?

Exam and controlled assessment

Entry requirements

The general entry for the IBCP is five Grade 4's and above at GCSE level. IB subjects have the option of a higher or standard level. All students will initially be put forward for the higher level and final entry will be decided after student enrolment on the course. This will be decided after student enrolment on the course.  

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Social and Cultural Anthropology will provide students with an understanding of what it means to live in society and also opportunities for research and exploration into cultural and social worlds. Like Sociology, the related courses are vast due to the analytical skills developed through learning.