English Literature A Level

Languages, Literature and Culture

Languages, Literature and Culture
Languages, Literature and Culture
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time







Course Content and Assessment:

Unit 1 Drama

One Shakespeare play and one other drama.

Currently Othello and The Duchess of Malfi

(2 hours 15 minutes) 30%

Unit 2 Prose

Two prose texts based on a theme/genre:


The Supernatural - Dracula and Dorian Gray

Science and Society - War of the Worlds and The Handmaid’s Tale

Crime and Detective Fiction - The Moonstone and In Cold Blood

(1 hour and 15 mins) 20%

Unit 3 Poetry

A selection of post-2000 specified poetry and a specified range of poetry from a certain period.

Poems of the Decade Anthology and currently Philip Larkin

(2 hours 15 minutes) 30%

Unit 4 Coursework

Comparison of two texts chosen by teacher – 20%:

Currently – The Waste Land and Mrs Dalloway (Literary Modernism)

                     Great Expectations and The Go-Between (Bildungroman/Coming of Age)

                     Frankenstein and The Romantics (Gothic and Romanticism)

How will it be delivered?

Entry requirements

Student requires a minimum of a grade 6 in

English Literature.

Your next steps...

Why choose English Literature: Quoting a Student!

“First and foremost it is a fun subject. It offers opportunities to see the lives of others through your own eyes. English encourages curiosity about the world and also gives answers to big questions but for me, the best thing is that there is more than one interpretation to everything. It is the study of people; an amalgamation of Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography and R.E.”

Skills and progression:

Why should you commit two years of your life to the study of English Literature?

English Literature opens your eyes to a plethora of unknown worlds, characters and experiences. Each new text studied creates an opportunity to share ideas with your peers and teachers, and to learn, not only about the texts and contexts, but about yourself. English Lit studies people, their behaviour and their relationships, and through their challenges and misadventures, we learn about each other.

English Literature is a rigorous A-Level that requires an unquestionable work ethic and an open mind. But what you are given in return is priceless. This facilitating subject not only comes with a reputation second to none amongst A-Levels, but you will also learn to write with both style and substance, and your analytical skills will flourish.

Escape and explore to other worlds by studying English Literature with us.