Government and Politics A Level

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Government & Politics AQA


Course content:

UK Government & Politics

US Government & Politics


How will it be delivered?


There are three examined units each worth 33% of the total marks.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements:

GCSE level 6 or above in History or a related Humanities subject

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Why choose Politics:

Politics is a dynamic and ever-changing topic that will help you better understand and engage with the world around you. The syllabus has been carefully designed to provide a balance of UK and US politics as well as an overview of the political ideas that underpin many parties. You will find out about the origins of our parliamentary system as well as future proposals for reform. You will consider who holds power in our democracy - Parliament or the PM? You will learn how political institutions such as Congress and the Supreme Court function in America and be able to draw comparisons with political systems around the world. In the final unit, you will learn about the origins and practical consequences of core ideologies such as Socialism, Conservatism and Liberalism. Whatever you choose to do in later life, studying Politics at A-level is your passport to becoming a global citizen!

Skills and progression:

Students who take A-level Politics come away with excellent research and communication skills. You will quickly learn how to sift ‘fake news’ from factual truth, and analyse the importance of ideas, institutions and events. In addition, you will be shown how to marshal evidence into cogent and persuasive arguments, a skill that will be equally useful for other A-level subjects such as History and English. And of course, there will be regular opportunities for discussion and debate of the events shaping the news. The department famously offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities, notably visits to Washington and the UK Parliament. You may also wish to attend lectures and talks by academics at local universities. We have a thriving Debating Society which you may wish to join and even take part in public speaking and debating competitions. Politics offers a broad range of skills which can take you into a variety of careers. Apart from following in the footsteps of a former FSG student Tracey Crouch and becoming an MP, many students use their politics qualifications to enter careers such as media and communication, public administration and international relations.