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Extended Project


Course content: The Extended Project Qualification (Level 3) or EPQ is the equivalent of half an A Level. It is typically studied across one year, and is expected to take 120 hours of research/writing/execution. EPQs take one of four forms: a dissertation (c6000 word extended essay), an investigation/field study, a performance, or an artefact. They are equally weighted, but have slightly different mark schemes (see assessment). The majority of FSG students follow the dissertation route, but there is scope to pursue the other routes.

How will it be delivered?

Assessment: There are four assessment objectives for the Edexcel Level 3 Extended Project. The assessment objectives are as follows:

• Manage (9 marks / 17%);

• Use resources (12 marks / 22%);

• Develop and realise (24 marks / 44%);

• Review (9 marks / 17%).

Entry requirements

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Why choose Extended Project Qualification:

The EPQ allows learners to study a topic area which extends their learning in their area of study. Students should plan a project topic which expands their learning in their field of study, in a related area, or that is relevant to their own personal interests. The EPQ is worth up to 70 UCAS points. This can be used towards a points offer from a university (for example, 350 points). The EPQ grade cannot be used against a grade offer (such as AAA), but some universities may offer an alternative for candidates studying EPQ (such as ABB instead of AAB, provided that you get at least an A in your EPQ). It would be a good idea to contact universities you have applied to in order to see whether this is the case – they will be glad to hear from you. Universities are also recognising the EPQ as a valuable part of a student’s profile on their UCAS application. You can use your EPQ to show your interest in an area of study at a university interview.

Skills and progression:

The EPQ will give you the opportunity to develop the following:

• Become more independent and resilient learners;

• Become an ‘expert’ on your chosen question/topic: this is a great opportunity to pursue in greater depth something about which you are passionate;

• Become more skilled in critical thinking about the world around you;

• Become more confident in your ability to formulate, see through and present in a scholarly manner a more substantial research/creative project than you may ever have undertaken.