Computer Science, A Level

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Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code MA/CS
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Computing is an exciting course that gives you a strong understanding of
how computers work and how to write your own programs. It focuses on
problem-solving, mathematical reasoning and engineering based thinking. It
is a good foundation for understanding future challenges in this fast-moving
technological world. The Business and Computing Department at The Marsh
Academy prides itself on the excellent teaching that you will be receiving. The
facilities and resources are second to none and will help you achieve your
full potential. There is a clear distinction between ICT and Computing. The
two courses have been written to avoid any overlap of content. Computing
is about designing new algorithms to solve new problems. This course covers
the technical side of Computing including ‘Programming’ and ‘Computer


Computer Science is about the devices and systems that enable our digital age
to exist. It is not a study of the software used every day in offices and homes
around the world but more about how these systems actually work, how they
do what they do, their limitations, their strengths and the astounding way we
humans have adapted basic logical thinking to create such amazing tools.
Over the whole two years you will:
• Learn to program using a high level (3GL) language
• Appreciate the role of binary in storing numerical and non-numerical
• Learn how images and sound are stored digitally
• Understand the use of logic gates and Boolean Algebra
• Grasp how software and hardware work together to form the systems
of today
• Visualise how the processor works by studying the Fetch-Execute Cycle
• Know how data can be stored, sorted and searched through
• Gain an appreciation of the use of vectors within the computing field
• Learn about Finite State Machines, Regular Expressions and Language
• Extend your understanding of fundamental computing by studying
Turning Machines
• Study the role of operating systems, explore networking and the way
the internet works
• Become aware of the client-side and server-side languages of the web
• Understand how 4GL languages are used to manipulate data or diagnose

How will it be delivered?

This course is 100% linear with all examinations taken at the end of year 13.
• Computer Systems (2.5 hr written paper) 40% of the final grade.
• Algorithms and Programming (2.5 hr written) 4 0% of the final grade.
• Programming Project (internal programming project) 20% of the final

Entry requirements

Minimum grade 4 in Computer Science and Mathematics. 

Your next steps...

One can study Computing and go on to a career in medicine, law, business,
politics or any type of science. However, if you decide to do a computing
related degree then this A level will be extremely useful. Some universities
demand Maths A level as one of their requirements to do a Computer Science
Degree (please check university website for more information).