Extended Project Qualification, Level 3 (0.5 A Level)

Languages, Literature and Culture

Languages, Literature and Culture
Languages, Literature and Culture
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), is a stand-alone qualification that
helps students develop broader study skills, offering a route into further and
higher education and employment. EPQ offers students a way of acquiring
sophisticated study skills and a route into Higher Education and employment.
Projects are student-driven qualifications, giving them the freedom and
responsibility to select topics and projects they are interested in.


When completing the project qualification, students follow a clearly structured
process: they plan, research their topic and create a product. The product of
their project can be in one of three formats: a research-based written report,
a production (e.g. charity event, fashion show, sports event etc.) an artefact
(e.g. a piece of art, a computer game, a realised design). All of these have to
be supported by a written report. This work is all recorded in their Production
Log and, finally, students deliver a presentation.

How will it be delivered?

Student projects are assessed using the following assessment headings:
Manage: Identify, design, plan, and carry out a project, applying a range of
skills, strategies and methods to achieve objectives.
Use Resources: Research, critically select, organise and use information,
and select and use a range of resources. Analyse data apply relevantly and
demonstrate understanding of any links, connections and complexities of the
Develop and Realise: Select and use a range of skills, including, where
appropriate, new technologies and problem-solving, to take decisions
critically and achieve planned outcomes.
Review: Evaluate all aspects of the extended project, including outcomes in
relation to stated objectives and own learning and performance. Select and
use a range of communication skills and media to present evidenced project
outcomes and conclusions in an appropriate format.

Entry requirements

Minimum of five GCSEs grade 4 and above.

Your next steps...

During the process, students develop as independent, reflective learners
and acquire knowledge and transferable skills that are invaluable for further
study and the workplace. Universities and employers alike value the Extended
Project Qualification as it shows that students can manage tasks, time and be
independent learning, applying advice and learning to their everyday practice.