Sport Studies L2

Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Leisure, Travel and Tourism
Leisure, Travel and Tourism

What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type National Award (BTEC)
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


This qualification is an exceptional opportunity for those wanting to continue their studies in Sport and who have a particular interest in leading or coaching. The qualification is organised in such a way that there are key elements of work experience for students to complete which have been set up in consultation with key employers.



The structure of the qualification means that there are 7 units to complete over the course of the year:

•           Leading sport safely and effectively (Examination)

•           Working in sport and activity leadership (Examination)

•           Leading sport and physical activity

•           Coaching sport

•           Developing skills for sport and activity leadership

•           Getting others active outdoors (optional)

•           Leading different groups (optional)

•           Delivering a sports activity event


Unit 5: Developing sports and activity leadership, allows the students to get involved with a hands on approach by working with a company in the sport and active leisure industry to complete some real life work experience. This is a fantastic opportunity which not only allows students to apply some of the knowledge they have learnt throughout the course but will widen their knowledge of the job roles available within the industry.


The structure of this course enables some sections to be taught through practical elements to assist students with their understanding of some of the theoretical elements which they are then able to implement into their coursework and examination elements.


Across the year students will learn how to plan and lead sports sessions and coach sport, how to use initiatives to encourage people to participate and what skills are needed to be successful within the industry. Students will also consider the importance of planning sessions to meet the needs of a variety of groups, and the course will culminate in the students organising and running a sports activity event which helps them combine all of the skills and knowledge developed over the course of the qualification.

How will it be delivered?

There are two examined units, whilst other units are assessed via a variety of coursework elements including PowerPoint presentations, essays, posters and written reports. The students are also assessed through their practical abilities in relation to leadership sessions. The examinations are both in different forms, the first is an onscreen test, which is well suited to those students who find longer written assessments more challenging. The second examination is a task based activity where students are expected to respond to a situation presented to them based on what has been learned throughout the unit.

Entry requirements

Students should have 5 GCSEs or equivalent passes at grades 9 to 1

Your next steps...

By the end of the course it is hoped students will have developed the ability to communicate effectively with a range of different groups, have improved their own confidence and also considered how important it is to be able to work independently. It is also expected that through the activities completed they will naturally develop skills of teamwork, leadership and resilience, particularly when working alongside others. Each of these are important life skills to help students as they move forward with their studies.