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Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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What will you be working towards?

Code Mathematics
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Summary of skills students gain by studying this subject

The course enables students to understand mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence, fosters enjoyment and provides a strong foundation for those who opt to study the subject further. Students will extend their range of mathematical skills and techniques and understand how different areas of mathematics are connected. Learners will be encouraged to use their mathematical knowledge to make logical and reasoned decisions in solving challenging problems. They will draw diagrams and sketch graphs to help explore mathematical situations and interpret solutions. Learners will be expected to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and the evaluation of their own mathematical development.


Course Specification

The course covers three main areas of mathematics; pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics. Students will develop an enhanced understanding of a range of topics that they will already be familiar with from the higher tier GCSE in mathematics. These include algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics and sequences. They will apply their knowledge of these topics to solve a range of problems. Students will also cover a variety of new topics including differentiation, integration, exponentials, logarithms, mechanics, probability and hypotheses testing. Students will need to draw on a range of skills from across all topics to solve problems and interpret questions focused on different contexts.

How will it be delivered?


This is a linear course, which is examined via three 2 hour written examination papers. Two of the papers examine pure mathematics, whilst the third paper assesses pupils knowledge and understanding of the statistics and mechanics elements of the course. The three papers carry equal weighting. Calculators are allowed in the examinations. Pupils will also be entered for the AS examination at the end of Year 12.

Entry requirements

Additional Course Entry Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for access onto A Level courses, students would be expected to achieve a grade 7 in mathematics GCSE and at least grade 5 in statistics GCSE.

Your next steps...

Progression and career opportunities

Whilst some of our students opt to continue their mathematical studies at university, many also take this course to prepare for higher education in related areas such as engineering, economics, physics, teacher training or more general courses. Many employers offer apprenticeships to candidates with an A level mathematics qualification. In addition, this qualification will help you to pursue a career in accountancy, engineering, insurance and the financial sector. Transferable skills such as problem solving and analytical, logical approaches are also welcomed by a range of employers.