IB Design and Technology Standard and Higher Level

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology
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What will you be working towards?

Code IB05
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Inquiry and problem solving are at the heart of the Design and Technology course. DP Design Technology requires the use of the design cycle as a tool, which provides the methodology used to structure the inquiry and analysis of problems, the development of feasible solutions, and the testing and evaluation of the solution.

The course draws on and expands students’ skills in a range of Design and Scientific areas. Students will develop their understanding of Physics by exploring material properties and testing products in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Maths skills will also be enhanced by incorporating knowledge into real life situations. 

DP Design Technology achieves a high level of design literacy by enabling students to develop critical-thinking and design skills, which they can apply in a practical context. While designing may take various forms, it will involve the selective application of knowledge within an ethical framework. 


Course Content
  1. 60% Written exam consisting of two or three papers dependent of study level. Paper 1 is multiple choice, Paper 2 is extended answer questions and Paper 3 is based on higher level topics.
  2. 40% Internal Assessment consisting of design portfolio and physical product made by the student. The IA project is decided by the student and focuses on developing a product that is not currently available on the commercial market.
  3. Group 4 is a collaborative project in which students from all of the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) collaborate together to solve a community-based issue set out by the staff in the Sciences.
  4. Teacher Directed Activities Is a set of skills developed under teacher guidance to assist in the theoretical understanding and preparation for the IA.

How will it be delivered?

Teaching Hours
• Core theory: 90 hours
• Additional Higher Level theory: 54hours
• Internal Assessment: 60hours
• Group 4: 10 hours
• Teacher Directed activities: 26 hours
Standard Level
Standard level students will:
• Study topics 1 to 6
• Human factors and ergonomics
• Resource management and sustainable production
• Modelling
• Raw material to final product
• Innovation and design
• Classic design
• Sit Paper 1 and 2
• Complete criterions A to D of their internal assessment
• Criterion A: Analysis of a design opportunity
• Criterion B: Conceptual design
• Criterion C: Development of a detailed design
• Criterion D: Testing and evaluation
Higher Level
Higher level students will:
• Students will study topics 1 to 6 and additionally study topics 7 to 10
• User-centred design (UCD)
• Sustainability
• Innovation and markets
• Commercial production
• Sit Paper 1 to 3
• Complete criterions A to F of their internal assessment :
  1. Criterion A: Analysis of a design opportunity
  2. Criterion B: Conceptual design
  3. Criterion C: Development of a detailed design
  4. Criterion D: Testing and evaluation
  5. Criterion D: Detailed development of a commercial product
  6. Criterion D: Making choices for commercial production

Entry requirements

General Entry Requirement for The Skinners’ Kent Academy Sixth Form

Minimum of GCSE grade 4 (G4) in English and Mathematics plus 3 other GCSEs at grades 9-4

Subject specific minimum entry requirements are: 

Design and Technology: G5 or higher in English and G6 or higher in Design Technology related subject.


Your next steps...

Design and Technology is an excellent option for students who wish to pursue a career in Product Design, Engineering or Architecture.