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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course is directed at students who wish to take their study of biology to the next level.The students who take this course will achieve a better understanding of the biological processes involved in different situations within science.

This course consists of six modules;development of practical skills in biology,foundations in biology,exchange and transport,biodiversity evolution and disease,communication homeostasis and energy,genetics evolution and ecosystems.



Unit 1 Development of practical skills in Biology

In this unit you will explore biological practical skills and fulfil your practical endorsement in biology and examine the correct way of writing investigative evaluations.

Unit 2 Foundations in Biology

In this unit you will explore in detail;Cell structure,cell membrane,biological molecules,Nucleotides and nucleic acids,Enzymes,cell division,cell diversity and cellular organisation.

Unit 3 Exchange and Transport

In this unit you will explore in detail;exchange surfaces,transport in animals and plants.

Unit 4 Biodiversity,Evolution and Disease

In this unit you will explore in detail;biodiversity,classification,evolution,communicable diseases,disease prevention and the immune system.

Unit 5 Communication,Homeostasis and Energy

In this unit you will explore in detail;respiration,photosynthesis,hormonal communication,neuron communication,plant and animal responses,communication and homeostasis excretion as an example of homeostatic control.

Unit 6 genetics,Evolution and Ecosystems

In this unit you will explore in detail;Cellular control,patterns of inheritance,manipulating genomes,Coning and biotechnology,ecosystems,populations and sustainability.



How will it be delivered?

The knowledge learnt over the six modules is examined over 3 exams and a practical endorsement unit;which is a non examined unit.

Entry requirements

It is recommended that students have achieved a  grade  6 in GCSE science. As well as a  grade 5 in Maths and a grade 5  in English Language.

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