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Social Sciences
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


At Towers School, the Psychology department is delighted to offer an exciting and very popular course that covers the main areas in psychology and how the subject is applied to the real world. The course focuses essentially on the development of psychological skills, as well as the learning of psychological knowledge.

This course is aimed at those interested in the study of the human mind and investigating the many different explanations for human behaviours.


The course is linear, meaning that all A-level students will sit their exams at the end of Year 13.

Psychological themes through core studies: This component introduces some of the central areas of investigation in psychology organised in key themes. Each key theme is represented by a classic and a contemporary core study.

Research methods: This component introduces and develops knowledge and understanding of the process of planning, conducting, analysing and reporting psychological research.

Applied psychology: In this component you will expand your understanding of psychology and investigate how research can be applied to the real world and be used to improve society. The options studied are: Criminal Psychology, Mental Health Psychology & Developmental Psychology.

A-level Psychology is taught by two psychology specialists which is rare, both teachers use their degree specialisms to delve deeper into the topics and share their passion for the subject.

How will it be delivered?

100% examination at the end of the 2nd year - Three exams.

Entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English/English Literature and grade 4 in Maths & Ethics. 

Your next steps...

Psychology is a very popular course at University as students enjoy learning about human behaviour at A-level. If you want to study the subject at university then there are a huge range of courses available to you including degrees in Psychology, Criminology, related Medical and Social Science programmes, Media, Business Studies and Teaching degrees.

Psychology can help towards a career in many different areas including Social Work, The Health Service, The Police Force, The Prison Service, Psychological Research and Business Sectors. 

It is also an excellent grounding for continued study for any courses at University as it develops both written and critical thinking skills. Universities look favourably on students who take A-level Psychology regardless of what the degree choice is.  

Student quotes: “Psychology was a brilliant A-level to take, the lessons were exciting & fun because we have lots of interesting discussions. It was intense at times but I loved it and it was worth all the hard work as I am now studying Psychology at University.” 

“I was lucky to have two teachers who are the most enthusiastic teachers about teaching their subject. They are the best teachers I’ve had as they supported me, always believed in me and gave me the confidence to succeed. They have inspired me to take Psychology at University as I want to learn more.” 

“Psychology is fascinating, you learn something new every lesson and it has opened my eyes to all aspects of the world and our behaviours - you learn to be very open minded.”