Modern Languages - French

Languages, Literature and Culture

Languages, Literature and Culture
Languages, Literature and Culture
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What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


The aim of the A Level course is to broaden and deepen your knowledge of your chosen language, to enable you to communicate clearly at a higher and more fluent level. You will also enhance your cultural understanding as the course covers a range of social aspects which affects the principal country in which that language is spoken. You will hone other transferable skills such as debating and defending your point view, carrying out independent research, and analysing literary texts.


The content for the new A level is conceived as an integrated study with a focus on language, culture and society. There are terminal examinations at the end of Year 13.

The core topic areas will be:

• social issues and phenomena, such as wealth and poverty, racism and integration.

• Politics, current affairs and history, dealing with such issues as the rise of the far right.

• Intellectual culture, past and present. This requires the study of at least two works – one of which must be a novel, chosen from a prescribed list.

Students will also have to complete an independent research project into an aspect of French speaking society or culture, which they will present as part of their speaking exam.

How will it be delivered?

Students will be assessed in three separate exams for

• speaking  

• listening, reading and translation

• essay writing in French

Marks weightings will be as follows: 

Paper 1 - Listening, reading and translation - 50% 

Paper 2 - Writing - 20%

Paper 3 - Speaking - 30%

Entry requirements

For success in Languages a Grade 8 or higher is needed at GCSE. This must include a Grade 8 or higher in the written GCSE papers.