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Social Sciences
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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Psychology is the scientific study of human cognitions and behaviours, and as such it is relevant to all of us. Through the A Level at Weald of Kent you will have an opportunity to study a range of topics and approaches, giving a broad perspective of the subject. It has links with many disciplines, including biology, mathematics, and the humanities. It involves the study of different theories, research evidence as well as an understanding of how research can be used in the real world. Therefore, Psychology is a perfect blend of creative thinking combined with the analytical skill of interpreting research.

The A Level course is a 2 year course and you will be studying different theories and research studies across different fields in Psychology.


Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology 33.3%

Social Influence: Do people conform and obey because they believe that others are right, or for other reasons?   

Memory: How does memory work? Can we rely on eyewitness accounts in court?

Attachment: Why do infants become attached to a caregiver? Are attachments the same in all cultures?

Psychopathology: What is abnormality? How do the main approaches to Psychology explain why people suffer from mental disorders? What treatments are there for these abnormalities?

Paper 2: Psychology in Context 33.3% 

Approaches in Psychology: The Origins of Psychology and how we can understand behaviours from the cognitive, biological, humanistic and learning approaches.  

Biopsychology: How the nervous system, brain activity and hormones can influence behaviour.

Research Methods in Psychology: In this section we analyse the different research methods, look at how data can be collected and how this data can be interpreted.

Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology 33.3% 

Compulsory content: Issues and Debates in Psychology.  

Optional Content: There is a choice of topics for the remainder of Paper 3, these will be selected by your teachers from the following:

One from: Relationships, Gender, Cognition and Development.

One from: Schizophrenia, Eating Behaviour and Stress.

One from: Aggression, Forensic Psychology, Addiction.

How will it be delivered?

Each Paper is assessed by a 2 hour written examination. You will answer questions (multiple-choice, short answers and an extended writing task) from each of the topics outlined above.

Entry requirements

A Grade 7 in GCSE Biology or Grades 7 7 in GCSE Trilogy Science is/are needed as are Grade 6s in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and GCSE Mathematics